Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Mad Hatter Tea Party

A Wonderful Day for a Mad Hatter Tea Party! Here are a few easy ways to DIY your own Mad Hatter Party. Make some invites. Start by cutting out top hats using black construction paper. The ones I made were about 12x8 inches tall. Add ribbon and feather, flip over and print out Birthday information and glue to back. Easy! Then it's time for decorations. Save your Michaels coupons and get a couple moss runners for your main table, they look great. Add some roses from the dollar store and teacups. Then a great centerpiece. I made this one from blue satin and black lace. You can find several tutorials online for this. This hat is two feet tall, yo can make them in any size. Tulle is good to use and comes in many colors. I hot glued an old brooch to a black satin flower and wrapped the base with hot pink fur. For this party I made jumbo playing card streamers and hung them from the patio in fours. Hang upside down balloons to add some fun to the crazy theme. Don't forget cupcakes!!!

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